Welcome to Maggiore Hospital in Parma

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Welcome to Maggiore Hospital in Parma in via Gramsci 14 – 43126 Parma, our administrativ address

  • the first aid  emergency  walk in center, called Pronto Soccorso, is in via Abbeveratoia has a  fast inside car access
  • the children hospital is in via Abbeveratoia (building 12). 

You can travel to our hospital in a numbers of ways including by foot, by car, by bike or by public transportation; plan your journey using the map below or through the following informations:

  • you can enter walking or by bike in via Gramsci, via Abbeveratoia and via Volturno;
  • you can come in via Abbeveratoia by car needing a special pass used only in case of non walking people;
  • free infopoints, located at the free main entrances – via Volturno, via Gramsci and Centrale building for via Abbeveratoia – show you the indoor map in order to know where exactly you need to get in;
  • for foreingn patients a translation service support  is available in order to help a doctor-patient communication. 

About us: the hospital is a poly- high-specialized hospital.

We offer a full range of local and specialized services for the treatment of diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation services. The hospital provides 1.047 inpatients beds, with 3.850 dedicated staff, and 171 academic doctors; last year 115.726 accesses to the first emergency walk in service were registered.

The Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria is one of the italian’s leading health care centers including several innovative and modern Unit called Hub. The “Hub and spoke” is an organization model where high specialised departments host very high complexity centres (hub), supported by a network services (spoke) selecting patients in order to the high complexity services when/if the patient clinical situation becomes more serious. Our high speciality services are:

  • Organ transplantation
  • Burns
  • Cardiac and cardiac- surgery desease
  • Neurosurgery and neuroradiology
  • Trauma center
  • Medical genetic
  • Neonatal intensive care
  • Hemophilia and congenital hemorrhagic disease
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Emergency service
  • Moebius syndrome

Inside the hospital, the academic University components and  research team and University didactic system for students from all over the world cooperate. Our organization is based on 6 different departments: a surgery unit where cardiac desease are also treated, a diagnostic department, a medical department, a child and women department, a geriatric department where aged people and rehabilitation needing patient are treated and a big emergency department that currently.

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